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The Story

Jolie Jewellery Designs is an Australian luxury jewellery brand founded in 2009 and is a brand that embodies a creative and unique approach to timeless sophisticated jewellery.

The brand represents the stylish woman who defines herself with unique jewellery that makes her feel confident, empowered and at her best. Just like every woman is an individual and unique, so too is Jolie’s fine jewellery that is created from natures gifts of natural gems and pearls from the South Sea and Tahitian waters. Our jewellery is difficult to be mass produced. 

Hello and welcome, my name is Effie, and I am the founder of Jolie Jewellery Designs. I started this business because of my love and passion for natural gems and pearls from Mother Nature. I believe that every piece of jewellery has its own story to tell, and I wanted to create a brand that would provide the woman that wears these unique jewellery pieces with confidence and positive energy.

From the age of 5, when I created my first bead necklace in kindergarten in Sydney, Australia, I realised the power of jewellery and how it made me feel safe and empowered when I wore it. Growing up in a Greek family, I learnt about the symbolism of jewellery as my family always commemorated important moments in life by gifting jewellery. My parents eloped in the pursuit of their love and despite their struggles through life, my father would always buy my mother jewellery to celebrate all the magical moments in life especially the birth of their children.

Jolie jewellery started as a creative pastime while working in an executive role in corporate Australia. I soon realised that this is more than a hobby as it is part of my heart and soul and what I love doing. Designed and made in Australia, each piece is hand crafted with contemporary designs.

I have always thought a picture tells a thousand words and I now also believe that our jewellery, if it could speak, would remind us of our memories, good and bad, and would tell us the most amazing stories about ourselves! Gems and pearls that can be handed down to your children and grandchildren will maintain their beauty through many generations and is a priceless gift to share. This is why I decided to go with my heart and passion and create high-quality jewellery that is accessible to more people online. 

The name Jolie is the French word for pretty, and I feel this encapsulates what my jewellery represents, something beautiful, classic and unique, just like you!

Jolie Jewellery is all about classic designs with a creative edge. I hope that when you wear a piece of Jolie Jewellery, you feel confident and stylish.

I hope you enjoy wearing your Jolie Jewellery piece as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.


Effie xx

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