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This exquisite tourmaline gem lariat is perfect for black tie events, cocktail parties and romantic moonlight beach side dinners. It is an elegant statement piece of jewellery that will complete any fashionable outfit.


Tourmaline also has many positive attributes in the spiritual realm of natural gems. It is thought by some that tourmaline is a gem that is soothing, calming, promotes meditation, spirituality and wisdom. It is thought by many to create peace of mind and promote communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. Regardless of your belief I think these tourmaline lariats will make you feel elegant and well dressed for any occasion. At Joiie jewellery we believe that untreated gems from nature empower women to feel confident and embrace their femineity.


This lariat features untreated natural tourmaline gems that are of multi colours and primarily in green and pink and finished with exquisite green amethyst drop gems beautifully faceted to bring out the best sparkle of this natural gem.


The lariat is 96.5 cm in length and features natural gems of tourmaline and two green amethyst drop gems. The lariat will complement any beautiful evening outfit or will dress up any casual outfit like summer lunch with girlfriends.

Ageless and evergreen lariats

SKU: 1082022
GST Included
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