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Beautiful natural Tahitian cultured pearls have been farmed in the black-lipped pearl oyster, which has the Latin name of Pinctada Margaritifera. They are found in the crystal clear waters amongst the islands in the archipelago that makes up French Polynesia.


This exquisite contemporary natural mystic topaz gem necklace set with Tahitian pearls is the perfect accompaniment to an elegant evening dinner, cocktail party or black tie event and it will complete any outfit with sophistication and elegance. This is a unique modern design which is part of Jolie jewellery’s unique and limited edition designs.


This beautiful necklace of mystic topaz is 101cm in length and includes 9 Tahitian pearls 10.8mm to 11.6mm in size and multi coloured with excellent AAA lustre. This necklace will see you sparkle as you dance the night away.

Dining at the Maldives

SKU: 1462022
GST Included
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