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Australia has the finest and largest array of natural white cultured pearl producing oysters of the species called Pinctada Maxima. The oyster beds are located around the town of Broome, Western Australia, which is 2000 kilometres north of Perth Australia.


This exquisite Australian south sea pearl necklace from the Australian crystal clear waters is the perfect accompaniment to a wedding dress of Chantilly lace, elegant garden tea parties, dinner at Sydney harbour or providing inspiration in a business suit. It is as beautiful as Princess Diana’s beautiful complexion and elegance.


This beautiful Australian south sea pearl necklace is 47 cm in length and features 35 white semi-round south sea pearls of 10 mm to 14 mm in size with AAA lustre. This necklace is finished with a 9 carat white gold brushed clasp.

Lady Diana Pearls

SKU: 1382022
GST Included
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