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This beautiful lariat is part of the Jolie jewellery signature range and is aimed at celebrating the roaring 2020s with exquisite natural gems from nature set in creative styles featuring beautifully created tassels and finished with quality workmanship made with love in Sydney Australia. At Jolie jewellery we believe that untreated gems from nature empower women to feel confident and embrace their femineity.


This beautiful lariat will complement any grand black tie soiree, romantic dinner or any elegant event. This lariat can be worn in various ways to suit any fashionable outfit and celebrate any occasion.


This lariat features exquisite black spinel gems and the lariat is 110.5 cm in length and features two white south sea pearls and two black spinel tassels elegantly finished with garnet gems. This sparkly lariat features natural gems of garnet briolettes and is absolutely stunning for cocktail parties and evening suppers.

Midnight at the Oasis

SKU: 1072022
GST Included
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